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"I grew up in the housing projects of the Bronx, and that became the foundation for me writing my book ZIP CODE, because I was determined to not let MY Zip Code determine my destiny. I highly recommend this book for all teens, 'tweens, young adults, or any adults who think they are stuck in their situation, and for the fortunate ones who realize how lucky they are and want to help others. I try to live this way and consider this my "church."


My poetry series, which I started when I was eighteen and continues through today, allows me to express my innermost thoughts about this big, blue ball we inhabit, and the people, places, and things I've had the privilege or misfortune to experience.


My first novel began my Gino Ranno organized crime series. I love writing about the mafia because I have a Sicilian background and always heard many stories about it all while growing up as a kid in the Bronx. Each of these books has done exceptionally well because we all have a fascination with the life and death of mobsters. I am especially proud one of these, BESA, is being made into a feature film.


In my Detective Vic Gonnella series, I tackle subjects a lot of people don't even want to admit exists: Child sexual abuse; Sex trafficking; Cover-ups throughout from the perpetrators to the organizations to the cops to the court system. These books are very passionate to me. I advocate for these children through my books, talks, fundraising events, and sit on two national boards: Road to Recovery and The Trafficking in America Task Force.


In my spare time, I force myself to play golf a lot, most usually with a respectable score, and I like the game best when it's for a charitable cause.


I also really enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, traveling, and taking my dog, Rocco, for walks. All of those things keep me in shape.

Want to hear my story or have me speak to your school, book or writing club, or professional organization?


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  • Rags to Riches: My personal development story from comments which were made to me when I was young and what I did about that
  • The Art of Writing - Common Pitfalls to Avoid: I've mentored dozens of writers on their most asked questions and ones they don't ask but need to hear the answer to
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse & Sex Trafficking: This global crisis affects us as a community. As a board member of both the Trafficking in America Task Force and Road to Recovery, I provide up-to-date statistics and information on where we're at to stop this systemic cancer which damages children, vulnerable adults, their friends and families, and cultures everywhere.
  • BESA- The Movie: Join me on the journey of the making of the feature film BESA, based on my book
  • Publishing Your Physical Book- The 3 Stages: Writing & Re-writing, Production, & Marketing
  • 'Ritin' with Romano, 4-Part Virtual Writing Class: You've got the drive and desire, the idea for the book, and have done your research, so why do you find yourself staring at a blank page or screen? Let me help you with a step-by-step process to take your thoughts to a finished book of which you can be proud. Limited to 4 people/offered semi-annually.
LOUIS ROMANO Official Page
LOUIS ROMANO Official Page
LOUIS ROMANO Official Page